No Ygrittes...

Valentines Card challenge with the co-workers. We each wrote 3 random themes on paper and then  pulled one theme from a bucket. We then had a couple of weeks to come up with a card or cards to distribute between co workers that we came up with using our picked theme. The theme I got was Game Of Thrones. I chose to use one of my favorite characters from the series: Ygritte. She uses a bow and arrows and so super imposing her as a Valentines cherub was the direction I went with. 

I left the bottom scroll blank to freely input names of recipients. 

Creative Outlet

I've been in a creative funk these past few months. I've finally adjusted to the work schedule and have implemented some changes to my diet and exercise routine. I recognize that I do have waves of creative endeavors throughout the year and am working on making them more frequent. 

Here is a piece that was originally rough submission for a potential mural. I then decided to see it through digitally. It is a study of the color wheel. The paradoxical triangle in the background consists of primary color gradations while the fills of the letters consist of secondary and tertiary color variants. The word itself is a visual reminder to proactively CREATE.  

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