Trading Cards Envelope

The next step for the Visual Shannanagins trading cards would be to make an envelope to place them into for better distribution. I pulled references from the Chinese new years red envelopes, built a die line and imprinted a collage of all the characters on the front and back. I printed them on basic paper with a slight texture. The print turned out nice and gave it a slight wax feel but still very papery. 

I then had to cut them all out by hand, fold them, seal them with rubber cement and a paintbrush. The challenge for the top flap was to use an adhesive that would not tear the envelope while opening. My girlfriend found a recipe for home made envelope glue. The type you lick for mail. It consisted of vanilla extract, vinegar, and gelatin. The envelope glue was then applied to the top flap and left to dry. Once dried I then stuffed the envelopes with my business card, a "marvel" Randall card, and 3 randomly assorted Visual Shannanagins cards along with a sticker. Once stuffed, licked the top flaps and sealed them.