Trading Cards Display Box

The final packaging step for the trading cards was the display box. I took one packaging design class so I knew the basics of creating a die line. I couldn't find an available die line online so I had to create from scratch. The box is set up to hold two packs side by side and have the lid of the box be a die cut back display. I printed on high gloss paper from office depot and spray mounted it onto thin chipboard. After I let the adhesive cure I then proceeded to cut with an xacto knife and metal ruler. After the die line was successfully cut out I then used a bonner tool to make folding creases were necessary. When i go to the lid I left the sides uncut and cut around the characters for the die cut. Once finished I realized the design was too low and would be blocked by the card packs. I will have to make adjustments to the design now. But over all I like the over all print, look, feel and presence of the display box.